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  • Eliminates the need for floor drains, kick buckets or vacuum systems

  • Up to 25% cheaper than competing collection bag products

  • Universal adapter attaches to any 3/4" drain bag use

  • Compatible with all major urology tables

  • Prefilled with Absorb! solidifier to gel liquid waste in real time

  • No shipping charges when you order direct!


Northfield's market-leading Absorb! Uro Collection Bag is designed to easily collect waste fluid in the urology suite. Fast-acting Absorb! solidifier makes the collection bag safe for employee handling, transport and disposal.  And it does so, in most cases, by the time the procedure is completed!  


The pre-filled Absorb! powder solidifies and encapsulates up to 40 times its own weight in blood, urine and other fluid waste.  Absorb! is essential in minimizing health care worker risk of spill and/or aerosolized exposure to potentially infectious medical waste.

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