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Currie's Intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) devices are used to help prevent blood clots in the deep veins of the legs and feet. The devices work together with our patented compression garments to compress air and increase blood flow through the veins of legs, helping to prevent blood clots.   Our pumps and garments provide a safe and effective method of replicating what the body does naturally at hundreds of hospitals across the country.

We place our market leading pumps at no charge onsite at each of our health system customers.  Currie stands behind its pump throughout the life of its relationships with our customers.  Upon notification from our customers, we will replace or repair pumps or dispatch a repair tech to their location as a part of our Currie Concierge service.  

Pneumatic Pumps

Reduce the risk of VTE in your facility with Currie Medical's ALP 900.  Quiet, convenient and intuitive compliance monitoring.

Product Features:

  • No preventative maintenance required

  • Intuitive LCD screen: Displays the operating status of the system, sleeve type, pressure, battery level, alarm information, therapy time, countdown

  • Single limb option is automatic after disconnection of tube from the pump

  • High- and Low-pressure alarms

  • Battery level indicator icon

  • Alarm Mute Icon: displays after alarm sound is paused

  • Counting therapy duration displayed in hours and minutes

  • Therapy Time Reset button

  • Power Source LED indicator for AC power(green) and Battery power(blue)

  • Durable handle for ease of transport

Product Specifications:

  • 12 ft power cord

  • Total weight 5.5 Pounds

  • Rounded and smooth gradual radius corners for ease of cleaning

  • Hi-Tech Plastic case for durability

  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery

  • Cable holding slot for power cord and air hose storage.

  • Pause button: pause therapy, resume therapy, and confirm the time mode setting.

  • Foot Mode/Alarm Pause Button: switch foot mode, mute alarm

  • Durable fold away bed hooks fit all beds on the market.

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