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Northfield offers a wide range of body fluid spill kits for the medical, food service, retail, education and hospitality industries. 

Body Fluid Spill Kits | Currie Medical
Bloodborne Pathogen and Biohazard Spill Kits


We manufacture hazardous waste clean up kits that help organizations comply with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.  


Our products are designed to protect employees and reduce the risk of infection on workplaces surfaces.  


We offer a portfolio of standard kits or can work with your team to design a customized solution to fit your organization's specific needs.

Learn more about our Bloodborne Pathogen Spill Kits by contacting us.

Body Fluid Spill Kits | Currie Medical
Food Safety & Norovirus Vomit Clean Up Kits


The food service industry faces the unique challenge of encountering vomit and body fluid clean-ups in an environment where traditional chlorine-based cleaning agents are hazardous to employees, food supplies, and patrons. Our spill kits include EPA-certified to kill Norovirus and other harmful pathogens in 60 seconds or less, but also incredibly safe. These kits also include our market-leading super-absorbent solidifier, which greatly reduces the risk of aerosolized particles during clean-up. 


To learn more about our food safety bioharzard spill kits, please visit  

Body Fluid Spill Kits | Currie Medical
Custom & Private Label
Spill Kits


Custom spill kits can be a cost-effective solution for providing your organization with the optimal cleaning and PPE components for the types of spills your employees are most likely to encounter. All kits are designed to be single-use, and we can work with your risk management team to customize a kit to meet your organization’s specific needs. Similarly, we also manufacture private label kits to be marketed and sold under a variety of other brands.


To discuss your custom kit solutions, please call one of our product consultants at 800-270-0153.


“We needed a custom-made body fluid spill kit to properly protect our employees when faced with the hazardous task of vomit clean-ups. Northfield worked with us to identify the ideal kit components, develop the training materials for our team, and quickly deploy the kits to our 2,000+ locations.” - Risk Officer, Fast Casual National Restaurant Chain

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