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CAUTION:  Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

INDICATIONS: The ALP® thigh garment is recommended for the use in patients for whom external compression therapy using the ALTERNATING LEG PRESSURE® (ALP®) SYSTEM is indicated to reduce the incidence of deep vein thrombosis and resulting pulmonary embolism due to the presence of risk factors for thrombosis formation.


A. Plug the air pump into an appropriate electrical outlet.  DO NOT TURN ON PUMP AT THIS TIME.

B. Remove the garments from the bag.  The garments may be used for either leg.

C. Unfold the garments and position the panel labeled “THIS SECTION BEHIND KNEE” behind the patient’s knee (popliteal fossa).  The end where the tubing is located should be placed at the ankle.

D. Snuggly wrap the garment around the patient’s calf and thigh making sure the inflatable bladder is directly behind the patient’s calf section first.  Secure the three velcro fasteners around the calf section first then repeat for the fasteners in the thigh section.  The sleeve should fit securely but not tightly around the patient’s leg.

E. Repeat the procedure for the other leg.

NOTE: If only one garment is to be used, simply leave the unused air outlet on the pump free (no tubing attached).

F. Air tubing is required to connect the garment to the pump and is provided separately.  Use the tubing from Currie Medical Specialties for this purpose (ALP® 25).  Attached the garments to the air tubing using the white snap lock connectors.  Each tubing has a male end connector at one end and a female end connector at the other.  The female end (large white connector) will fit to the male end (small white connector) that is on the garment.  Make certain that a “click” sound is heard to insure a solid connection.

G. Attach the other end(s) of the tubing (male end) to the large white female connector(s) on the pump.  Make certain that a click is heard with each snap lock connection.  If you need to disconnect the tubing, press the silver colored tab on the large white (female) connector and pull apart.

H. Adjust the pump pressure to the recommended pressure setting unless otherwise specified/ordered by a physician. 

I. Press the on/off switch to turn the pump on.

J. If the patient is ambulatory and/or the patient is going to ambulate, turn the pump off, disconnect the tubing, and remove the garment(s) from the patients’ limb(s).  Once the patient returns to the chair or bed, secure the garment(s) to the limb(s), connect the tubing, and turn the pump on.


NOTE: Air tubing hose is REUSABLE.  DO NOT DISCARD the air tubing hose with the disposable garments.

NOTE: This device is not made with natural rubber latex.


A. The pump connections should be checked to make sure they are securely locked and that the garment has been properly applied with the tubing at the ankle.   Application of the device contrary to this could cause the compression to work against blood flow and cause blood stasis.

B. If the patient experiences leg pain, tingling or numbness remove the garment.

C. If the compression is discontinued for 30 minutes or longer in a patient considered at risk of developing venous complications, it is recommended to perform a noninvasive evaluation for deep vein thrombosis before resuming compression therapy. 



A. Pulmonary edema.

B. Congestive heart failure.

C. Any ischemic vascular disease such as severe arteriosclerosis.

D. Phlebitis or any known or suspected deep vein thrombosis.

E. Any localized condition that the placement of the garment would interfere with such as untreated, infected wounds, gangrene, recent skin grafts or dermatitis.

F. The physician should review the patient’s medical status and use this device in accordance with his/her best understanding of their patient’s needs and current condition.



Non-Sterile/Single Use Only

U.S. Patent No. 3,892,229


Manufactured For:

Currie Medical Specialties Norfolk, VA 23513

Telephone: (800) 669-3521




ALP® Series Garments are only for use with ALP® Series Pumps. For more information on the operation of the ALP® Series Garments and ALP® Series Pumps, please visit our website at

PN: 100404

REV. 1.0

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